06 outubro, 2006

Shellac: Novo álbum em 2007

The forthcoming Shellac record, the band's first since 1000 Hurts in 2000, will be called Excellent Italian Greyhound -- originally what drummer Todd Trainer would say to his dog instead of "good boy," it was quickly adopted by the band to refer to anything praiseworthy. "If you're familiar with our stuff you probably won't be surprised," Albini says. "I guess Todd has a cowbell now, so that's new." Touch and Go has tentative plans to release the album in early 2007, and the band has a couple spring shows planned for the UK, which may turn into the nucleus of a European tour.



At 6.10.06, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Notícia do dia!!!!!!!!!!!!

Venha ele caraças =)

At 6.10.06, Blogger Crestfall said...

Eheh e ainda falaste no homem há bem pouco tempo!


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