22 março, 2007

A nossa amiga CD-Wow

"Judge rules against cheap CD site
Online music store CD-Wow has been found in contempt of court for selling illegally imported cheap CDs in the UK.
The High Court in London ruled that the site's owners, Music Trading Online, were "in substantial breach" of a 2004 agreement to stop selling such albums.
Record companies complained that the site broke a deal not to buy cheap CDs in places like Hong Kong and re-sell them in the UK without permission.
CD-Wow said the judgement "spelled disaster for millions of music fans".
The company will be fined in July after an inquiry into how much it owes the record labels who complained of copyright infringement."

O resto aqui.


At 22.3.07, Blogger Crestfall said...

É assim mesmo, devia ser proibido vender cd's abaixo das 20 Libras! :-s

At 22.3.07, Blogger naSum said...

por acaso está na altura de ofereceres aqui 1 cd ao teu mano ;)

At 22.3.07, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Eheh :P

Diz a CD Wow:
You may have heard about a court case between CD WOW! and the BPI, we wish to reassure you that this judgement will in no way affect the smooth running of our business and CD WOW! is continuing to deliver the "best value" in entertainment products to our loyal customers - wherever you live!

CD WOW! Fighting for your internet rights!

At 22.3.07, Blogger Crestfall said...

Go CD Wow!

At 23.3.07, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Oh yeah \oo/


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