31 julho, 2007

Achados no Youtube

Achei particularmente intensos estes dois:

Nirvana rehearse in a garage in Aberdeen, Washington, 1988.
An early Dave Grohl-less Nirvana let rip in the garage of Krist Novoselic's mum's house. 'Love Buzz', 'Scoff' and 'About A Girl' all get a right good kicking. Kurt sings into the wall. The grassroots of grunge.

Joy Division: a pub in Altrincham, 1979.
Malcolm Whitehead's dark and evocative Super 8 film of an early Joy Division gig captures Ian Curtis at his most mesmerising. 'She's Lost Control' and 'Shadowplay' in their entirety, plus Barney's floppy fringe and Curtis dancing like a marionette on speed. Mesmerising.

Lista e vídeos


At 1.8.07, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

já conhecia o dos nirvana, vou checkar os outros ;)


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