30 julho, 2007

Shoegazing - o barulho bonito.

Artigo acerca de bandas recentes que tentam recuperar o estilo Shoegazing.

"It's all about music that doesn't stare at its shoes. It stares at the stars."



At 31.7.07, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

mais um artigo para ler atentamente.

At 1.8.07, Blogger Crestfall said...

"Still, images like these won't help change the minds of detractors. It doesn't help that Alan McGee, the man who signed Ride, My Bloody Valentine and Slowdive to Creation, is its most vehement critic. "Bloody nonsense. My Bloody Valentine were my comedy band. Ride were different - they were a rock band, really, a fantastic rock band - but My Bloody Valentine were a joke, my way of seeing how far I could push hype." Although he said Shields was a genius in the Guardian in 2004, he now says, unconvincingly, that the revival is just people still buying his lies."

LOL, cada um com a sua verdade.

At 1.8.07, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

oh oh, deixem-se disso...


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