30 maio, 2008

Intronaut em estúdio

"We are on our sixth day of recording so far, and should have guitars knocked out by late tonight. Everything is sounding great so far and we can't wait for you all to hear this new album. We have some surprises on this one (which I will spoil for you right now) including a 15 minute instrumental track, a guest solo from Gorguts/Negativa guitarist Steeve Hurdle, and what could possibly be the first ever fusion of traditional indian music and heavy metal."


At 30.5.08, Blogger naSum said...

"fusion of traditional indian music and heavy metal" ehehe

At 30.5.08, Blogger Unknown said...

Grande noticas, estes gajos são demais!Adorei o concerto deles, embora o the ocean tenha sido melhor lol.

At 30.5.08, Blogger Crestfall said...

Pois, o problema é que The Ocean foi brutal eheh mas o concerto deles tb foi muito bom. Venha daí.

At 2.6.08, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Também gostei bastante do concerto, muito porreiro, mas depois Ocean arrasou e foi difícil lembrarmo-nos que os Intronaut também tocaram nessa noite.


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