26 novembro, 2008

Dois meses para o novo Ephel Duath

"Through My Dog's Eyes"
Earache Records

"Ephel Duath is one of those bands that truly understands the essence of what experimental and fusion music should be about. Touring with them was an amazing experience and it is great to finally be collaborating in this way!" Ben Weinman, Dillinger Escape Plan



At 26.11.08, Blogger Crestfall said...

Being able to get a show to this guys was an amazing experience.

At 27.11.08, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Was and will, espero que consigamos trazê-los cá novamente e, quem sabe, já na próxima tour :)

At 28.11.08, Blogger naSum said...

E dillinger? :P

At 3.12.08, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

O vocalista saiu, já sabiam?

At 3.12.08, Blogger naSum said...

de que ? de ephel duath ?

At 3.12.08, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Yep, bazou o gajo :/


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