12 novembro, 2008

"Mer Morte"

We're proud to announce that we' ve finished recording our new album, Mer Morte.
As usual, all instrumentation was recorded live, but for the first time, we recorded the vocals live as well, in the same room, with Emilie going directly through her effect pedals.
The recording process itself went rather quickly. After a first go at the song, we felt that something wasn't right... So we turned off the lights... ...and 35 minutes later Mer Morte was recorded. A loud, dirty, sludgy, feedback ridden funeral ditty. www.myspace.com/monarchuberalles


At 12.11.08, Blogger Crestfall said...

Isto na fábrica é que vai ser... Sem luzes... Medo!

At 12.11.08, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Temos que pôr aquele ambiente tipo Icos :) Ah, e o Michell já disse que tudo indica que vão trazer o novo álbum \m/

At 13.11.08, Blogger noisea said...


pedro nunes


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