29 janeiro, 2010

Rolla 24 a caminho

Rock-A-Rolla 24
Liars: Post no-wave oddballs discuss their latest masterpiece Sisterworld in our massive cover story!
Mike Watt: Minutemen legend talks new projects and ‘Ig’ &The Stooges!
Pyramids: Mysterious Hydra Head crew go guest-crazy on their latest set with Nadja!
White Hills: New York space-heads talk jellyfish and psych!
Motorpsycho: Norwegian legends look back on two decades of rock, improv and Russ Meyer!
The Tenebrous Liar: Famed music photographer Steve Gullick swaps camera for guitar!
Plus: Dethscalator, These Monsters, Wicked King Wicker, Sankt Otten, Dÿse, Profound Lore, and over 100 album, vinyl, DIY and live reviews!

Assim que aterrem no Porto avisarei, mas os interessados já podem reservar:
5€ (concertos Amplificasom) / 6€ (via CTT Azul)


At 29.1.10, Blogger Crestfall said...

Pyramids latest set with Nadja é <3

At 1.2.10, Blogger Susana Quartin said...

Sim ^__^.


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