26 novembro, 2010

Da Holanda com amor...ou talvez não!!!

The movements of the world
Rise and tower over me
Lovecraftian gods
Inspiring vertigo
Mindless demons flourish
In spaces beyond reason
From whence no thought
Can return unharmed
And cut off at night
From gravity and the stars
I shrink into meditation
Before the grinning white face
Of this endless inhumanity
And cut off the night
From gravity and the stars
I retrun to this cathartic terror
This seasonless equinox
This dread incarnation
Of universal suicide
Conspiring with dreams
For the reins of my mind
A coming of age
A crossing of worlds
I will make this devourer
My vernal sacrifice
Come, be revealed
Face me
Where the howling avatars
Of my most desperate passions
Hold court in the bowels of my spirit
And I wade in the blood
Of the conqueror leech
And like Mithras bring forth
Another unsteady awakening

Cry out for the king
To bring salvation from the plague
Cry out for the king
To bring the cleansing flame
And build the new Jerusalem
The king is the cause of the plague
We capsize, overwhelmed
By cascading oedipal revelations
Jocasta's feet have finally left the ground
Fissures running all the way down
Our sacred visions of Apocalypse
Epic comic-book escape fantasies
We are conveniently unworthy
Lull our budding concerns to sleep
And every doomsday tragedy
Ends with a place in eternity
The Delphic oracle grows fat
On self-fulfilling prophecies
And the Ark of the Covenant
Holds a pair of golden brooches