06 março, 2008

Aaron Turner dá notícias

ISIS - we have been steadily whacking away at songs for the next album. in october of last year we started toying with a few bits and pieces we had lying around, and continued to do so through parts of november and december. however, the floodgates seemed unwilling to truly open until we reconvened in january after our holiday excursions/adventures. since then we've managed to complete the skeletons of 4 songs, and it seems things are finally starting to take shape. i'm not sure how to assess our work so far, but things are certainly moving at the moment. we're going to keep our heads down for the time being and keep chiseling away til we feel we've accumulated a satisfactory amount of material before we even consider going into the studio. in the meantime we're working on correcting the recently recalled "holy tears" single as well as the companion single for "not in rivers, but in drops", amongst other things....

GREY MACHINE - not sure where justin and co are at with this, but i've nearly completed my tracking for this project - hopefully they're not just waiting on me! i have no idea what'll happen to it all once i pass it back to JKB for the mixing process, but i feel fairly certain the results will be monstrous. there is no definitive plan for this project as of yet (at least to my knowledge), but i suspect that it will see the light of day late this year or early next. there maybe further updates in the near future: avalanche inc

MAMIFFER - new band centering around the efforts of faith coloccia, otherwise known as 1/2 of the core of everlovely lightningheart. i recently contributed some guitar work and a lot of noise to 2 tracks on a forthcoming mamiffer album, which also featured contributions from chris common, ryan frederikson, and brian cook (aka 3/4ths of these arms are snakes), as well as annie and ben from helms alee (another new band, with forthcoming 7" and album on hydra head). there may have been some other folks involved as well, but i'm not entirely certain. in any event for those of you that are familiar with the work of everlovely, that might be a good place to start as far as what this band actually sounds like, but that is certainly not the totality of its personality....

PLOTKIN/TURNER/WYSKIDA: this still unnamed project is nearing completion. tracking is done and the pieces are now in the very adept hands of james plotkin for the mixing process. the sound of this project will likely take lot of people by surprise, which in my estimation is a very good thing. i won't give away too much, but there may already be some clips on james' site: plotkinworks if there isn't there should be soon. no fixed info on release date or label as of this precise moment.

PUSCIFER - also known as the solo project from maynard keenan (yes, the tool guy). i have been drafted as a remixer for an upcoming EP from puscifer, tackling the track "trekka", originally produced by mr. lustmord. i completed my track two days ago (i actually made it one day before the given deadline, sort of unbelievable), and sent it off to the puscifer camp. again, i have no idea when this thing will see the light of day, but i imagine there will be further info here: puscifer website


At 6.3.08, Blogger Crestfall said...

Quem é este senhor?
Puscifer é tão giro... :-s

At 6.3.08, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Senhor não, Mestre!!


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