09 junho, 2008

Yndi Halda em Braga

Falei do excelente EP "Enjoy Eternal Bliss" aqui e o mesmo ficou no meu top 10 de 2006!! Dia 13 de Julho no muB: http://mubfest.wordpress.com/


At 10.6.08, Blogger naSum said...

Algures: "These new songs are quite different from the old ones. Of course, it's still the same 5 people writing them - they're quite noticeably by the same band - but, we wrote our first record when we were children, and now we're a lot braver. We are no longer an instrumental band, we no longer shun pop music, we no longer only play electric guitars."

At 12.6.08, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Estarei lá!

At 12.6.08, Blogger Crestfall said...

Fixe, em principio tb.


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