25 março, 2010

JESU: adeus electrónica

"At the turn of the New Year, I signed a deal with Ghostly International to develop a new project - Pale Sketcher. Pale Sketcher is intended as a vehicle for me to explore, exclusively and in more detail, the 'electronica' side of jesu.
It occurred to me during the writing of the last Jesu EP 'Opiate Sun' in early 2009, that Jesu, first and foremost, was intended to be a guitar oriented project. The 'electronica' side of Jesu was just an inevitable direction for me, but never satisfied with this battle between guitars and electronica with Jesu, I decided to separate the two directions - Jesu, now, and for the forseeable future, being guitar based exclusively, with Pale Sketcher being the project where I can focus and develop further, the Jesu 'electronica' sound, without need for further fusion or compromise."


At 25.3.10, Blogger Unknown said...

um bocadinho apanhado esse moço


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