03 maio, 2011

Albín Brunovský

I have such a creative program that pushes me to work. My pictures are simply doing with me what they want. Sometimes I don't feel like working. But when I come to my studio and I notice, that one work is not ready and the other one hopeless, I go and sit next to them for a while and suddenly I realise that there is evening. And in this way every morning I let myself to be pleasantly abused by my paintings that allow me to dream.


At 3.5.11, Blogger Susana Quartin said...

Não conhecia e gostei mesmo muito da amostra, vou aprofundar.

At 3.5.11, Blogger Unknown said...

Grandiosa Arte!

At 4.5.11, Blogger Ricardo Fernandes said...

tenho que saber o que está por detrás disto!


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