16 março, 2011


So, there are three kinds of bands for me.
The bands I like, the bands I really like, and YOB.
I have no words to describe what they can make you feel, so I'll just use some words of Mike Scheidt himself:
"In the end, it's all about love".


At 17.3.11, Blogger Filipe S. said...

YOB is Love

At 17.3.11, Blogger Filipe S. said...

Vi-os duas vezes no Roadburn o ano passado e foram os melhoes concertos da minha vida!

At 17.3.11, Blogger Julia Morell said...

I saw them too over there!!
This year they cancelled their European tour... :(

By the way, my husband is always saying that exact same thing... "YOB is Love".

At 17.3.11, Blogger Filipe S. said...

I was hopeful to see them again twice this year. at Roadburn and Barroselas ... without any doubts my favorite band!


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