21 junho, 2011

Rock-a-Rolla 32 a caminho

BORIS: Tokyo’s avant-rock powerhouse discuss their latest, surprising pair of albums in our cover story!
BILL GOULD: Faith No More bassist Gould and co-conspirator Jared Blum fill us in on their latest project, The Talking Book.
KILLING JOKE: The legendary Youth discusses the band’s seminal self-titled debut in out Classic Albums series.
MASTER MUSICIANS OF BUKKAKE: Avant-rock supergroup reveal the final part of their Totem Trilogy.
A STORM OF LIGHT: Josh Graham returns with his best album to date.
TOMBS: Mike Hill talks latest, supremely punishing set, Path Of Totality.

Plus!!! INDIAN, LE CORBEAU, ACROSS TUNDRAS, END OF LEVEL BOSS, KNIFEWORLD, HEY COLOSSUS, AD NOISEAM, TERMINAL SOUND SYSTEM; Plus massive live reviews of Kyuss Lives!, Queens Of The Stone Age, Emeralds, Oneohtrix Point Never, Low, Earthtone9, Jesse Sykes, Short Circuit Festival, plus OVER 100 ALBUM REVIEWS and much more!

Devido aos feriados, esperamos esta edição na próxima semana e meia mas encomendem-na já para o mail do costume de forma a preparmos o respectivo envio. 6€ c/ portes incluídos, 5€ nos n/ concertos.