24 novembro, 2009

Os metaleiros também comem


At 24.11.09, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Hellbent for Cooking is a 224-page deluxe full-color cookbook, featuring 101 lavishly illustrated recipes from more than 30 countries! All the recipes in the book were handed down to me by killer metal bands, and each of them has been tasted and tried to make sure they were just right. The photos were either taken by me or by the musicians themselves… therefore, your food will look exactly like what is shown on the photos! No gimmicks, just great food and heavy metal!

Hellbent for Cooking is also more than a cookbook. It features biographies for every band, amazing drawings from Nagawika, anecdotes, interesting stories and tips/tricks to succeed your kitchen magic. You will also be able to travel by tasting local dishes from around the world as well as discover new metal bands!!

Every metalheads have to eat, so why should it be an unpleasant experience? Check out a few example recipes:

* Tuna Pizza à la Chef by Schmier of DESTRUCTION
* Vegan Oatmeal Burgers with a Riot of Vegetables by Mille Petrozza of KREATOR
* Spaghetti Barracuda by A.C. Wild of BULLDOZER
* Devilishly Delicious Oriental Chicken Casserole by Bobby Liebling of PENTAGRAM
* Apocalyptic Paprika Cream Chicken by Jörg Bock of MINOTAUR
* Amebix Prawn Bisque by Ron “The Baron” Miller of AMEBIX
* Country Lamb Exohiko by Themis of ROTTING CHRIST
* BBQ Pork Ribs by Meyhnach of MÜTIILATION
* Sinigang na Baboy (Pork in Sour Broth Soup) by V666 of DEIPHAGO
* War Miso War Soup by Yasuyuki of BARBATOS/ABIGAIL
* Mummified Jalapeño Bacon Bombs by Chris Reifert of AUTOPSY/ABSCESS
* Dutch Space Cake by Stephan of THANATOS
* Strawberry Jello Pretzel Salad Cake by Jeff Becerra of POSSESSED
* Steak and Mushrooms à la Jack Daniel’s by Matt Olivo of REPULSION
* Speckmann's Chili Mac by Paul Speckmann of MASTER
* Råbiff by Jörgen Lindhe of OBSCURITY
* Bull Testicle Surprise by Necrocock of MASTER’S HAMMER
* Bengal Beef Curry served with Basmati Rice by Vetis Monarch of WEAPON
* FÅRIKÅL (Norwegian Lamb and Cabbage Stew) by Hellhammer of MAYHEM
* Misanthrope's Last Supper by Deathlord Of Abomination And War Apocalypse of BLASPHEMY
* Churrasco in Soy Sauce by Andreas Kisser of SEPULTURA
* Bondage Rolled Steak by Joel of TOXIC HOLOCAUST
* Irish Leg of Lamb Roast by Philomena Lynott, mother of Phil Lynott of THIN LIZZY
* Speed Metal Tofu by Janick of AFTER THE BOMBS
* Incinerator Chicken Wings by Dave Hewson of SLAUGHTER
* Black Forest Cake by Doro Pesch of WARLOCK
* Good Margarita from John Tardy of OBITUARY
* Beer Pizza Crust from Olaf of TANKARD
* Ali Baa Baa (Moroccan Lamb) by Bernie Shaw of URIAH HEEP

…and many more by members of:

Abigail, Abscess, Accept, After the Bombs, Alcoholic Rites, Amebix, Anthrax, Anvil, Armored Saint, Arphaxat, Atomizer, Autopsy, Bastardator, Bëehler, Blackfire, Blasphemy, Budgie, Bulldozer, Cauldron, Children of Technology, Countess, Cruachan, Dantesco, Deadmask, Death SS, Deiphago, Denial of God, Desolation Angels, Destruction, Devastation, Dissection, Doro, Dusk, Electric Wizard, Elixir, Envenom, Exciter, Eyehategod, Faustcoven, Funerot, Goat Horn, Gorgoroth, Grimorium Verum, Gwar, Holocausto, Impaler, Inepsy, Judas Priest, Killers, Kreator, Lamp of Thoth, L’Impero Delle Ombre, Lord Vicar, Mantak, Master, Master’s Hammer, Mayhem, Melechesh, Messiah, Midnight, Minotaur, Mortal Sin, Mütiilation, Necromantia, Necrosadist, Nuclear Assault, Obituary, Obscurity, Orodruin, Pagan Altar, Pentagram, Piledriver, Possessed, Procession, Repulsion, Reverend Bizarre, Rigor Mortis, Rotting Christ, Sadistik Exekution, Saint Vitus, Sepultura, Shackles, Sigh, Sir Lord Baltimore, Skyforger, Slaughter, Spirit Caravan, Stiny Plamenu, Tankard, Thanatos, The Gates of Slumber, The Obsessed, The Rods, Lord Weird Slough Feg, Thin Lizzy, Toxic Holocaust, Trench Hell, Trouble, Tygers of Pan Tang, U.D.O.. Uriah Heep, Warlock, Warpig, Weapon, Witchfynde, Witchtrap, Xibalba, Zemial

For more information and to buy a copy, go to http://www.hellbentforcooking.com.

At 24.11.09, Blogger ::Cardoso:: said...

Tu bem tentas... mas foge-te sempre uma perninha para a metalada. :-)
Já viste que há uma banda que se chama Cruachan na lista dos "many more"? Que prato terão idealizado? Cruachan torrado com manteiga?

At 24.11.09, Blogger naSum said...

LOL :p

At 24.11.09, Blogger Crestfall said...

Ahahah uma receita muit dificele, cruachan mixto.

Compra André, compra, não falta nada para necessitares de aprender a cozinhar! :p

At 24.11.09, Blogger Scapegoatt said...

Xelente prenda de Natal! :)

At 24.11.09, Blogger Scapegoatt said...

Agora pô lanche ia uma fatia de :Black Forest Cake by Doro Pesch of WARLOCK

Era a minha Diva qd eu era teenager :P

At 25.11.09, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Podíamos combinar um convivio para falarmos de música, cozinharmos um destes pratos, ouvir discos e tal... Quem é que tem uma casa grande? :P

At 25.11.09, Blogger ::Cardoso:: said...

Boa ideia... e até podiamos matar um porco e ouvir discos do Mathew Herbert. :-D

At 25.11.09, Blogger naSum said...

Count me in. Para comer estou lá \oo/

At 25.11.09, Blogger naSum said...

E jogar guitar hero lol

At 25.11.09, Blogger ::Andre:: said...

Matar um porco e ouvir discos do Herbert LOL

At 25.11.09, Blogger celtic said...

Hidden recipe:

* Bacalhau à Gomes de Sá by Fernando Ribeiro of MOONSPELL

Com azeite QB.

At 26.11.09, Blogger Susana Quartin said...



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