24 março, 2011

Mono e a tragédia japonesa

Taka, you were in Japan at the time of the earthquake and tsunami, what was your greatest fear??
Yes, I was in Tokyo. It was a very heavy one. During the quake, I was thinking about how this is something that humans have absolutely no control over. We can be prepared, but we cannot control nature. It was definitely an unbelievably scary and bad experience.

It is good to know that you and your friends and family are ok.
We are very thankful and lucky.

Here in Europe there has been much discussion about the composure of the Japanese people during the tragedy. What do you think?
I do agree. People have been very cooperative and helpful to one another here because we have to accept this tragedy as our fate. We have to think about tomorrow, not yesterday.

What do you think the topic of nuclear power? Is it really necessary?
It seems like there is more alarm in the international headlines than the Japanese news. But I really don't know which is the true story. I don't know if the Japanese government is keeping things quiet or if there is just too much fear circulating around the world. The saddest and worst thing though is that there are many people who are still hiding near the nuclear power plant. They cannot move.

What can music do in this difficult time?
I hope music can change our energy from darkness to hope.

And Mono? Do you think that your music will suffer this time?
I really do not know but I hope it does not suffer. I feel like people turn to music when times are difficult so I hope they can find some peace in our songs. Our music always has both sides, dark and light, like a coin.

Entrevista na zine Ilcibida.
Foto do nosso concerto em Serralves por Jorge Silva.


At 24.3.11, Blogger Scometa said...

"we have to accept this tragedy as our fate. We have to think about tomorrow, not yesterday."
Melhor conselho que se pode dar


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