05 julho, 2006

Se Portugal não for a prolongamento...

The Japanese instrumental post-rock quartet Mono was formed in 2000. Their music sounds imposing and epic. It reaches its ultimate climax when performed on stage in one of their notorious, powerful and impressive live-shows.After their first demo, they were signed by the leading Tzadik label. Not their debut 'Under The Pipal Tree', but the follow-up 'One Step More And You Die' really defined the unique sound of Mono. 2006 'You Are There' again met all high expectations.
Wed 5 July 2006 22:00 CET
location Paradiso Amsterdam

Se for também não há problema pois é possivel ver e rever todos os concertos transmitidos pelo fabchannel.


At 9.7.06, Blogger Crestfall said...

2ª feira tenho que ver isto!


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